A girl born on Friday

In Ghana, Efua is a common name for a girl. It means a girl born on Friday. Traditions are a way of life for many people.

On this first day of NaPiBoWriWee I have written a story about a young child who has traveled from her homeland, Ghana.

In its rough draft form it tells the universal tale of loosing that which is familiar to you.



Elephants never forget. Oh, how I wish I was an elephant. I seem to forget a lot of things in this informational age. I just need to keep things simple. KiSS

It’s through trial and error and error and even more error that I even get back into sites and blogs and emails that I sign up for. I usually keep a book of usernames and passwords but if I don’t take the time you can be sure I’m mustering up that elephant inside of me to remember the magic key that gets me into a site.