Elephants Never Forget or A Year in the Life of “ME” or “Where did I leave my pen?”


It appears to have been one whole year since I last visited my blog on Blogspot. Sadly I don’t even know how to get back on to post. Oh how I had such big hopes for 2014 and honing in on my writing skills. I thought long and hard about becoming involved with the 12 x 12 Picture Book Writing Challenge created by children’s author, Julie Hedlund.

My biggest argument was that I had big plans, long overdue plans, growing-old by-the-minute plans to empty out a huge barn of 34 years of family life raising six children. This was to be the summer I shed my packrat instincts. That would have been such a distraction.

I tossed the idea around with my favorite bunny lover. After listening to myself, the pros and cons about being involved, paying the less that $200 yearly fee, and setting myself up to be prompted to submit to agents, I decided it was a good idea.

But you know life often times doesn’t play fair. The only rule it has is, “as sparks fly up, so go the trials of man.”

In April my husband hurt his back at work. It was severe sciatica. In July he had surgery. Nerve damage was diagnosed months later through an EMG. In another month we go for yet another opinion as to whether not another surgery is necessary.

I became Nurse Nancy who realized what a gift walking is.

Nurse Nancy

So where am I now? I was on the fence for a while as to whether or not I join 12 x 12 again, $200 is a lot of money to come out of a stretched budget. I sat a proxy in for my beloved rabbit lover and began to ask myself questions.


Why do I want to write picture books?
What is it about picture books that intrigue me so?
Do I understand the skills to be able to write a picture book?
Can I even write at all?
If I could find my pen, do I even want to write?

The clincher for me was if I didn’t join I would not finish in a direction I was heading, without knowing the outcome. To be uninvolved and fail is the worst failure of all. To be involved and fail is the magic of genus. I will again join in the picture book spirit and continue my challenge.


And as I do, stop back and check up on me as I update my progress.

I want to thank so many who have touched and encouraged my life as a writer, those who have set up contests, educational blogs, critique groups, message boards, Facebook groups and The Institute for Children’s Literature who saw a glimmer of inspiration in my bee story which got me started in this quest and for giving me the best name ever. Z as in zebra. K as in kitchen.

Buzz on,

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PiBoIdMo – Marching to the tune of a different drummer.


Check it out. The boy is marching to the left and the zebra is marching to the right. That’s how my writing has gone this year.

Marching. Marching. Marching. What happens when a group of characters decide to start . . . say, a marching band?